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Hungary’s Viktor Orbán at CPAC: ‘Less Drag Queens, More Chuck Norris’

Viktor Orbán en CPAC: "Se necesitan menos drag queens y más Chuck Norris"

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán defended Thursday in the United States his zero-tolerance policy against illegal immigration and stressed that, despite pressure from the EU, Hungary will not give it up. “We were the first to say no to illegal immigration and to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants. We believe that stopping illegal immigration is necessary to protect our nation,” he said in Texas during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Hungary, he argued, is under pressure from both southern countries and the EU bloc. “They want us to drop our zero-immigration policy because they know it is the decisive battle of the future. The future is the most important thing we can leave to our children and grandchildren and in Hungary we will not give up.”

During his speech at the forum, which will be closed this Saturday by former President Donald Trump, Orbán presented himself as a defender of “old-fashioned” freedom.

The prime minister argued that “you have to be brave, even to deal with the most sensitive issues, such as immigration, gender and the clash of civilizations,” and in that line he stressed that “a Christian politician cannot be a racist.”

His speech, much applauded, considered that when “progressives try to separate Western civilization from its Christian roots a line is crossed that should not be crossed”, and invited American conservatives to join forces in the realization that they share common battles.

Hungary’s recipe for success, in his view, is also its defense of the traditional family. A family in which “the mother is a woman and the father is a man. And that’s the end of the discussion,” concluded Orbán, for whom “we need fewer drag queens and more Chuck Norris”.

In his invitation to strengthen ties, he also mentioned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, making it clear that without dialogue between the United States and Russia “there will be no peace” and urging to coordinate the movement of their respective troops, because Hungary and the United States, he said, face “the same challenges”.

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