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Orban: ‘The Hope for Peace (in Ukraine) is Called Donald Trump’

Orbán: "La esperanza de paz (en Ucrania) se llama Donald Trump"

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Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán on Tuesday criticized President Joe Biden’s actions vis-à-vis the Kremlin and said that a return of Republican Donald Trump to the White House would facilitate peace between Russia and Ukraine.

“The president (Joe Biden) has gone too far when he said things about Russian President Vladimir Putin that make it impossible for them to negotiate on peace. The hope for peace is called Donald Trump,” Orbán said at an event in Berlin, quoted by the Hungarian digital daily Hvg.

“Peace should be made not between Russia and Ukraine, but between the United States and Russia,” he added.

“The one who thinks that this war can be closed with Russian-Ukrainian negotiations does not live in this world. The reality of power is different,” he stressed.

Orbán added that he trusts not only Trump, but also former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who in his opinion would have been able to prevent Russian aggression against Ukraine if she had not left power.

“What Angela Merkel has done during the Crimean crisis was a masterpiece,” the Hungarian politician said, alluding to the Russian annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in 2014.

If war did not break out then, it was due to the efforts of the German government led by Merkel, which managed to “isolate the conflict,” he said.

Orbán said that EU sanctions against Russia – which his country has so far joined – are “catastrophic” in their effects, not least by triggering a rise in energy prices “sky-high.”

European economies risk even defaulting, he warned.

The head of the Hungarian government met on Monday in Berlin with the German Chancellor, the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz.

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