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Orbán: ‘The Stalwarts of George Soros Want to Abolish the Western Way of Life’

Orbán: "Los progresistas, nuevos marxistas, la gente de George Soros, quieren eliminar la forma de vida occidental"

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Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claimed that “progressives,” in which he included everyone from liberals to new Marxists, pose a threat to the entire Western civilization.

“Progressive liberals, the new Marxists, the stalwarts of George Soros, the propagators of the open society, want to abolish the Western way of life that you, and we love so much,” Orbán assured at an American Conservative Union event in Budapest.

According to the prime minister, recently elected with an absolute majority for the fourth consecutive time, the “bureaucrats” in Washington and Brussels are the “same people, faceless, ideologically-trained.”

Orbán, who spoke in front of conservative representatives from all over the world, said that the Western way of life is what was fought for in World War II and during the Cold War.

“We must coordinate the movement of our troops as we face a big test,” he emphasized adding that “we must reconquer the institutions in Washington D.C. and Brussels,” because 2024 will be “a decisive year,” as both in the United States and in the EU there will be elections.

Orbán also spoke about how he won against “the communists” in the last April 3 elections and said that condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for being the “aggressor.”

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