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Other Slaves of the Cuban Regime | El Cuban

Los otros esclavos del régimen cubano | El Cuban

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THE CUBAN DICTATORSHIP is known for subjecting Cuban doctors to “forced labor,” as well as other professionals — teachers, artists, and engineers— who are part of the internationalization missions that the Cuban regime has been deploying abroad since 1963. However, little by little, we are learning about human bots, the other slaves of Castroism. To analyze this issue in depth in El Cuban, Ana Olema invited Yannis Estrada, a member of the Cuban Spaces platform — a group of activists dedicated to spreading the Cuban reality and fighting against communist disinformation on social networks.

“All Marxism leads to misery and slavery (…) the Cuban dictatorship has benefited from an absolute complicity of the Biden administration,” Olema explained.

They also talked about how thousands of bot farms have been eliminated after Elon Musk began negotiating the acquisition of Twitter. As a result, in their eagerness to manipulate the truth and control information, authoritarian regimes use captive social sectors to serve as human bots. An example of this is the Cuban doctors in Venezuela. They receive orders to participate in social media campaigns and to follow and interact with the official accounts of the Medical Mission.

Digital platforms in the regime – El Cuban

Ana Olema added that “many may not know it, but publishing certain information on social networks is typified as a crime in the Cuban Penal Code.”

In this sense, Yannis Estrada pointed out that “we are taking advantage of social networks such as GETTR and Truth Social (…) to make visible the reality of Cubans, often unknown to the international community.”

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