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Dr. Oz: ‘We Will Be Making a Mistake if We Do Not Prevent the Radical Left from Remaining in Power’

Dr. Oz: "Cometeremos un error si no impedimos que la izquierda radical siga en el poder"

THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS are getting closer and closer, so the public is paying attention to the most important issues in their daily lives. For this reason, in El American, we talk to several candidates who are committed to the defense of freedom. In this opportunity, Alfonso Aguilar talks with Mehmet Cengiz Öz, better known as Dr. Oz, who is currently a Republican candidate for the Senate in Pennsylvania.

Oz recalled that he comes from a migrant family. He pointed out that his father was a Turkish doctor who, through hard work and commitment, found a land of opportunities in the United States and said he is proud of his roots. For this reason, he promotes an orderly migration, as he recalls that America is a country that has been built with the work of migrants.

“We witnessed the American dream like so many Latinos who come here. You work hard, you earn a living and you become part of the essence of America. I am very proud of my immigrant roots,” the Republican said.

He added that “illegal immigration must be eliminated and legal immigration must be opened. We need workers. We want smart people from all over the world. The United States has been built on immigration.”

He also referred to the economic crisis that the United States is facing and explained that Hispanics are concerned that the American dream is at risk. He commented that migrants left their countries of origin because their way of living in those countries were failing.

He pointed out that members of the Democratic Party want to do away with the American system. For example, he assured that his opponent in this election, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman -who talks about raising taxes- has held different offices and has not paid his taxes 67 times. “So there’s a lot of hypocrisy in that,” Oz commented.

“Hispanics coming to this country want opportunity, they want individualism, they want free enterprise and capitalism. They know these are the cures for the ailments they left behind. However, we are going to make, unfortunately, the same mistake if we don’t stop the radical left from staying in power,” he added.

Dr. OZ warns about the radical left

The Republican candidate argued that there is a need for political balance in the institutions and therefore warned that letting the left take control of the Senate and Congress would be a danger to America. “One of the reasons why this Senate election is so important is that we will help the Republican Party take the Senate and that will stop Biden’s radical leftist policies that are wrong,” he insisted.

Despite threats from the radical left, he explained that citizens are realizing that Fetterman is a radical leftist: “Voters are noticing because the polls are so close.”

Furthermore, he pointed out that “it’s not just that he is radical, but that he lies about his positions. He is also dishonest about his medical history and doesn’t want to engage in debates. He wants these policies that are the yoke around the neck of hardworking taxpayers. He’s tanking the economy while making neighborhoods less safe.”

Another issue he addressed was insecurity in Philadelphia, which used to be a place that used to be safe. “I was just downtown, where we have the highest murder rate. Again, this is a city that used to be safe. John Fetterman wants to release a third of all the people in prison. He’s the most pro-murder candidate I’ve ever met.”

And not only does he have a policy in favor of freeing criminals, but he also promotes the possibility of legalizing heroin. Given this approach, Dr. Oz warned about the increase in deaths from fentanyl.

“Drug legalization is an open invitation to the creation of drug markets. I was in a place today that is the largest open-air drug market in America and open borders facilitate this because the cartels don’t just run human trafficking operations. They also bring narcotics across the border and they have a lot of money to do that. the U.S. government helps them earn revenue by allowing them to make money at the border and buy these drugs.”

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