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Paraguay in the Madrid Forum


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Santiago Abascal, is a brave and prominent Libertarian and founder of the Vox Party, which after the Popular Party degenerated into a sort of weak center-right party, now unable to defend its ideals and positions in the face of an increasingly overwhelming radical left in Spain, led by Juan Carlos Monedero and Pablo Iglesias founders of Podemos, and greatly financed by Hugo Chávez from Venezuela.

Santiago Abascal, had a great political vision fully understanding the dimensions and size of the current threat to democracy, which as a consequence led years ago to radical leftists gathering in the Americas, giving birth to the Forum of Sao Paulo in 1990 and its elite version, the Puebla Group in 2019. These two international organizations are economically, logistically and ideologically supported by two narco-territories, Cuba and its satellite Venezuela.

For this reason, Abascal undertook the successful initiative of the Fundación Disenso, under the direction of Jorge Martín Frías, to develop the Madrid Forum made official through its founding document, the Madrid Charter. This charter has a double role, on the one hand, it denounces that the aforementioned organizations which operate as great destabilizers of democracies and the rule of law with the corresponding negative impact on the prosperity and development of Latin American societies while at the same time, generating an international space for civil society and the multidisciplinary defense of freedom, private property, human dignity, true pluralism, justice and human rights, in short, the pillars of Western Civilization.

Last week, prominent Libertarian figures from Paraguay joined the Madrid Charter, such as Dr. Vícro Pavón Saldívar, founder of the Movimiento Libertad y República; Attorney Dania Ríos Nacif, recognized Conservative and leader of the Movimiento Vida y Familia; and Don Pedro (Tito) Aranda, President-Founder of the Foro Perspectivas, a space that brings together intellectuals and business elements such as the most distinguished politicians in the country. Thanks to them, Paraguay has formally joined the Madrid Forum.

This marks a very significant event: first of all it implies the strengthening and expansion of Abascal’s initiative, reaching the incorporation of Paraguay within the Forum. Furthermore, it means that those destabilizing and criminal players of the radical left and its satellites which operate under the cover of innocent or benign NGOs, will not be able to continue to deploy their actions by themselves and with complete impunity without challenge.

On the contrary, they have found an institutional, political and academic apparatus that will provide solid, timely and public information on fundamental issues for Paraguayan society such as its democracy, thus guaranteeing pluralism and constructive debate of ideas for the sake of a free, prosperous Paraguay and an Ibero-sphere in full equality under the law.

Nahem Reyes has a PhD in History from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello.

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