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UPenn Parents Denounce Physical Advantage of ‘Trans’ Swimmer Lia Thomas

Padres de nadadores de Universidad de Pensilvania piden cambiar reglas que permiten que Lia Thomas bata récords de mujeres

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At least 10 parents of University of Pennsylvania swimmers called for a change in rules that allow transgender Lia Thomas to continue to break records in women’s competitions.

In a letter sent to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), accessed by the Daily Mail, the family members call the current rules a “direct threat to female athletes in all sports.”

“At stake here is the integrity of women’s sports,” they said.

They further added: “The precedent being set – one in which women do not have a protected and equitable space to compete – is a direct threat to female athletes in every sport. What are the boundaries? How is this in line with the NCAA’s commitment to providing a fair environment for student-athletes?”

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh weighed in on the case on social media and showed Thomas’ advantages over the swimmers in a video.

“He’s got an advantage”: Penn State parents complain

A parent, who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation, spoke with the media and explained that many parents and competitors do not denounce the situation for fear of being condemned. Another source detailed that they feel Thomas has an advantage over female competitors.

“I think transgender people have the right to compete, but they need to have their own league,” said one of the mothers, who also asked that her name be withheld.

Finally, it was learned that the letter was received on December 5. However, it has not received a response from the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

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