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Is Pelosi’s Husband Going to Jail? Here’s How He Pleaded to Criminal Charges


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THE ATTORNEY for Paul Pelosi, husband of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, appeared in a Napa County, California, courtroom for the reading of charges against him for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and crashing his Porsche 2021 on May 28.

“The attorney, Amanda Bevins, entered a plea of not guilty to both counts on her client’s behalf before Napa County Superior Court Judge Monique Langhorne,” explained Fox News. It was also learned that Paul Pelosi faces two misdemeanor charges for allegedly driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.082%.

‘If convicted, Pelosi could face up to five years of probation, a minimum of five days in jail and be ordered to install an ignition interlock device in his car, according to District Attorney Allison Haley’s office. Other punishments could include fines and fees and a court-ordered “drinking driver class.’ Fox News reported.

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The night of Paul Pelosi’s accident

It further added that ‘On the night of the crash, Pelosi allegedly handed officers his driver’s license and an “11-99 Foundation” card when they asked for his ID, according to the documents. The 11-99 Foundation is a California Highway Patrol charity that supports officers and provides scholarships for their children.”

It was also learned that in the accident there was damage not only to property, but to the other driver and that “records show Pelosi made bail the morning after the crash for a $5,000 sum.” Several media outlets tried to get a statement from Pelosi’s team, but they did not comment.

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