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Pence Backs Biden’s Ban on Russian Energy Import

Pence, El American

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Former Vice President Mike Pence expressed on Tuesday his favorable opinion to President Joe Biden for banning the import of oil and natural gas from Russia as a form of punishment for invading Ukraine, but warned him that this should not be replaced by resources from other dictators.

“Good first step, Mr. President,” Pence said on his Twitter account, alongside a video of Biden’s address announcing the measure. “Now let’s unleash American Energy instead of turning to Dictator Nicolás Maduro or the Mullahs in Iran,” he continued.

Pence joins criticism against negotiating with Maduro

Pence’s warning comes in response to the Biden administration’s efforts last weekend to negotiate with the Venezuelan dictator and Russia’s main ally in Latin America, Nicolas Maduro, a possible lifting of the sanctions imposed against him in exchange for his break with Putin.

This Monday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that a special delegation had been sent to Caracas to negotiate “energy security” issues with Maduro.

With his rejection of the negotiations with Maduro, Pence joins Venezuelans in the United States who on Monday expressed their opposition to the visit to the Venezuelan dictator. According to the Veppex organization, it is “incongruous” that the American government refers to the Venezuelan regime as “illegitimate and criminal” and then seeks negotiations.

Likewise, Senator Marco Rubio said on Monday that the negotiation offer made by Biden to Maduro is “shameful and ridiculous,” and added that “we should be ashamed that a U.S. government would make” such an offer.

Notably, according to Reuters reports, the Biden administration made the decision to meet with Maduro without first consulting with Juan Guaidó, whom the United States and 60 other nations recognize as interim president and legitimate representative of the Venezuelan people.

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