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Pennsylvania Purges 20,000 Dead People from Voter Rolls After Lawsuit

A lawsuit by the Public Interest Legal Foundation forced Pennsylvania to remove 20,000 dead people from the state’s voter rolls.

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The state of Pennsylvania removed 20,000 dead people from its voter rolls. This happened after a lawsuit was filed against the state by The Public Interest Legal Foundation. According to The Federalist, the petition was filed in November and alleged that at least 21,000 deceased people were still active on the voter list for the 2020 presidential election.

Data compiled by Watchdog, the media outlet notes, showed that more than 9,200 of those registered died five years ago and nearly 1,990 died ten years ago.

For the plaintiff foundation, the elimination of the deceased from the list is an important victory to guarantee a transparent electoral process as several GOP senators and representatives have demanded. “This marks an important victory for the integrity of elections in Pennsylvania,” said the organization’s president and general counsel, J. Christian Adams.

The irregularity on the voters’ list in Pennsylvania might have affected the elections. (EFE)
Irregularities in Pennsylvania’s voters’ list

Adams said that keeping that number of deceased people on the voter list was a great opportunity for irregularities to occur during the November 2020 elections. Likewise, he reminded that the list should be purged on a regular basis.

“The state’s failure to remove deceased registrants created a great opportunity for voter fraud and abuse. It’s important not to have active dead voters on the rolls for 5, 10 or even 20 years. This agreement fixes that.”

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During the presidential election, Pennsylvania was key after former President Donald Trump’s team charged that the state had violated the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection guarantee after some Democratic-run counties allowed voters to correct their ballots.

In fact, the Trump campaign also filed a lawsuit to stop Pennsylvania from certifying Joe Biden as president. However, the case was dismissed by a judge.

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