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Pentagon Chief Denies Obstructing Biden’s Team

Joe Biden

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Defense Secretary Chris Miller denied that obstacles are being put in the way of Joe Biden’s team, as the Democrat stated on Monday, and said the information shared so far surpasses that of previous governments.

“The Department of Defense has conducted 164 interviews with more than 400 officials, delivered more than 5,000 pages of documents, far more than what Biden’s transition team initially requested,” Miller, who has been serving as Defense Secretary on an interim basis since November 9th, said in a statement.

“The Defense Department’s efforts surpass those of recent Administrations with three weeks remaining,” added Miller, who said additional meetings are being planned for the remainder of the transition.

The Pentagon, he said, is prepared to respond “to any and all requests for information” that are in its “purview.”

In a speech Monday, Biden complained of “obstacles” to the process of the transfer of power from the government of outgoing President Donald Trump, and specifically from his appointees in the Pentagon and the Office of Management and Budget.

On December 18th, Miller announced a suspension of the meetings with Biden’s team until after January 1st, which the Democrats denounced as a decision that is part of the “resistance” of some sectors to the transition.

Trump has still not recognized Biden’s victory in the November 3rd elections in what he alleges was electoral fraud.

At the beginning of December, the White House dismissed nine members of the Pentagon’s Defense Trade Council, of a consultative nature, in order to place Trump’s allies on it, the political media reported at the time.

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