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Pepé Le Pew, The Canceled Skunk Who Wishes He Was as Lucky as Andrew Cuomo

Pepé Le Pew has been the latest victim of cancel culture; meanwhile, Andrew Cuomo, accused by six women of sexual misconduct, has yet to be canceled

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Pepé Le Pew wished he was as lucky as New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo. The poor skunk has been the latest victim of the cancellation culture. The left is fiercely attacking the famous cartoon because, they argue, it “normalizes rape culture,” while Cuomo, who has been accused of sexual misconduct – by six women – has yet to be canceled.

As a sixth woman accuses the Governor of one of the nation’s largest states of sexual harassment, activists choose to turn their attention to a skunk and a mouse. What hypocrisy and what a way to avert their eyes from reality!

Hypocrisy is common in these movements that led the way to cancel culture. The theory of “repressive tolerance,” a fundamental tool of the new left, made it clear that we must tolerate only what is convenient and repress everything that goes against the cause. Cuomo is a Democrat, but, above all, he is very sympathetic to the so-called feminist struggles, and everything related to the cultural left, that’s why he hasn’t been judged with the firmness with which Pepé Le Pew is being “confronted.”

Let’s compare the reaction of these activists (who claim to fight for women’s rights) when the one singled out for harassment is a conservative, versus their reaction when talking about a “fellow fighter.” The double standard is evident.

Sexual harassment and rape are extremely serious matters that need to be addressed in an equally serious and responsible manner. To accuse an inanimated skunk and call for its cancellation is to divert attention to stupidities. These ridiculous “fights” only divert resources to issues that are not the real causes of the problem. All those who watched Pepé Le Pew when they were boys, and are not rapists -that is, most men- are proof that watching a love-struck skunk on TV does not make you a sexual harasser.

While social justice warriors go around believing they save the world by canceling a cartoon, debate and policy on issues that can actually trigger rape and sexual harassment, such as alcohol misuse, are neglected. Nearly half of all sexual assaults involve the use of alcohol by the perpetrator and/or victim.

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According to the American Addiction Center, abusers may specifically target victims who are intoxicated because they believe it will be easier to commit sexual assault. It is also possible that other perpetrators “may not initially intend to commit sexual assault, but may misperceive the victim’s signs while under the influence of alcohol.”

These are just some of the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption as it relates to sexual harassment. But instead of talking about these issues, which are real and correspond to the data, some prefer to distract attention by talking about caricatures. Instead of talking about real allegations like the ones attributed to Cuomo, they prefer to make a show out of a skunk.

The allegations of sexual harassment against Cuomo -as well as any issue of sexual abuse- should not only be taken with the seriousness they deserve, they should be investigated.

But let’s not forget about the other case hanging over the Democrat. Cuomo is currently under investigation for concealing the actual numbers of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes, and also for forcing nursing homes and facilities for the disabled to take COVID patients, an order that would have caused the deaths of hundreds of people. In this, Cuomo has also been lucky, many media outlets and journalists have been incredibly soft on the issue, some have ignored it outright.

Let’s hope that Cuomo’s luck runs out and that the investigations into his sexual misconduct move forward, but even more importantly, that the investigations into his possible responsibility for the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of people, do the same.

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