Perú está al borde del suicidio

Peru Facing Political Suicide as Country Heads to the Polls

Peru, the country that welcomed me after fleeing socialism, is now in a dilemma: vote for Keiko Fujimori, a candidate investigated for alleged money laundering, or vote for Pedro Castillo, a leftist candidate linked to communism and terrorism

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Peru is on the brink of suicide but there is still time to avoid it.

Election weekend arrived in the midst of deafening uncertainty, Peruvian friends write me to ask if I have done my “nervous shopping” because “what is coming is not good at all.”

Peru, the country that welcomed me after fleeing socialism, is now in a dilemma: vote for Keiko Fujimori, a candidate investigated for alleged money laundering, or vote for Pedro Castillo, a leftist candidate linked to communism and terrorism.

There are those who bet on not voting or voting blank as a form of protest, a completely legitimate action. Yet this in case it will not bring anything good, especially given the country is on the brink of the abyss.

That a vote loses value in the middle of such an important election is not a good option. Every null vote is interpreted as “it doesn’t matter who wins” and that, dear Peruvian friends, in the not too distant future will take its toll.

Peruvians are tempted to vote for “something different,” the one who is in favor of Pedro Castillo believes that because he is a “humble” man and because he is a professor, he will surely do things right. The Peruvian who supports Castillo believes that if he becomes president he will solve all his problems with populist promises.

But history speaks for itself, socialism, communism and the left do not do anything for free. First, it promises to solve everyone’s life, offers handouts, corrodes institutions, and then just makes you so fragile and dependent that there is no way out of it. It happened in Cuba, it happens in Venezuela and now Peru seems to be the path it decides to take.

Peru is on the brink of suicide

There is still time to avoid the suicide of a country that has struggled to grow, a few hours before the elections, Peruvians have the opportunity to save their nation from the catastrophe of communism.

It is not an easy decision, especially because the alternative to vote for is Keiko Fujimori, who carries on her back the fact that she is the daughter of the dictator Alberto Fujimori. It is not an easy decision because it is known vox populi that her party Fuerza Popular has been linked to corruption, but that, dear friends, is the lesser evil.

Fujimori is betting on maintaining the free market system: a system that has worked quite well so far. However, Castillo proposes from changing the Constitution to creating a control economy as happens in Venezuela.

“No more poor people in a rich country,” is the slogan Castillo repeats in his public interventions. That same tone and that same approach was touted by Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, who managed to wipe out the country’s middle class.

Chavez turned the rich into the poor but made the poor poorer. That is socialism, the one that promises equality but, in reality, what it does is to destroy the quality of life of all.

Castillo says he would accept the participation of private companies under conditions that benefit “the people.” The same was said by Chávez who decided to set impossible conditions for the companies that had been installed in Venezuela for decades: he expropriated, expelled and ended the private sector and today only ruins of it remain.

His program sustains that, among other things, “the state must be nationalizing, sovereign and without foreign debt.” If you nationalize all the industries that work today and put them in the hands of corrupt people, the result will be the same as in Venezuela: they nationalized the electricity industry and there are daily blackouts, they nationalized the water system and there is a lack of water in homes, they ended private cooperation in the oil sector and the refineries do not work. And the worst news is: who to complain to if everything is in the hands of the state?

Not to mention that promise to control prices while increasing the minimum wage at will. How do you sell a controlled product at a minimum cost and at the same time pay a salary that the state raises without knowing whether or not you have the capacity to afford it? This is how you close the doors of businesses, drive out companies and also generate shortages.

And at the end, when you believe that the Armed Forces “will not allow anything to happen,” when you believe that the military will do what you did not do because you voted blank, is when you realize that the communist hand has reached that point. The Executive begins to grant ministries, positions, prizes and gifts to the different military ranks with the intention of making sure that they never do anything to remove them from power.

Remember, my Peruvian friend, for some reason the socialists do not abandon power, for some reason they stay there without defending human rights, nor property rights: once communism comes to power there will be no way to get it out of power. And that is just when you will realize that you made a mistake, that you gave the future of your children and of a country to a corrosive socialism.

But as I said at the beginning, there is still time to avoid it, there is still time for the country not to commit suicide, not to fall into the abyss, and to move forward. At the time of voting think about the two options and which one you consider offers the best. At the time of voting, think that it will not be easy to get out of corrupt communism and that, besides, it does not offer anything good for the present or the future.

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