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Peru Presidential Runoff: Communist Castillo Has a 6-Point Lead over Keiko Fujimori

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Communist candidate for the Presidency of Peru Pedro Castillo has slightly increased his lead to more than 6 points over Keiko Fujimori, his rival in the Peru presidential runoff, according to the latest poll published this Friday.

In the computation of valid votes, that is, those that would be counted to determine the winner of the electoral contest, in the Datum poll published by the newspaper Perú 21, Castillo obtains 53.1% against 46.8% for Keiko Fujimori.

The study was carried out with 1,201 people between 18 and 70 years of age, of whom 45.5% voted in favor of Castillo and 40.1% in favor of Fujimori, while 9.1% of the votes were blank and 5.3% were null.

The survey, with a margin of error is 2.8%, also showed that 78% of Peruvians have already decided their vote, while 22% are thinking about it and have not yet decided on either of the two options.

Peru presidential runoff: Lima does not want Castillo

In terms of voting intention, Castillo sweeps the center and south of the country, where 70% and 64.6%, respectively, say they will vote for the candidate of the Peru Libre party, compared to Fujimori who has 18.6% in the center and 24.8% in the south.

Keiko Fujimori only clearly beats the teacher and union leader in the capital Lima, where she has a 52.2% intention to vote against 32.6%, while in the north she has a minimal advantage, within the statistical margin of error.

Regarding the reconciliation staged last week by Keiko Fujimori with her brother Kenji, whom in 2018 she expelled from her party and from Congress for having led a dissident faction of congressmen, 70% of Peruvians believe that it was a campaign strategy and only 18% believe that this fraternal peace was real.

Keiko and Kenji made peace in a rally of the candidate presented by Fuerza Popular as a debate that Castillo did not attend, who had challenged her to debate in front of the jail where she recently spent 15 months in provisional prison in a meeting from which she later desisted and announced that she would never go.

In that sense, 45% of Peruvians considered that Castillo did not attend because he was “busy with his technical team and proposals”, while 40% think that the leftist candidate did not dare to show his face, something he had done two weeks ago in an improvised debate between both in his native province of Chota.

Castillo wants to modify the Constitution

The Peru presidential runoff will produce the next president who will rule the country for the next five years (2021-2026) and who will take office on July 28, the 200th anniversary of Peru’s independence.

Peruvians will vote on Sunday, June 6, between Castillo’s communist reformism and Fujimori’s continuism.

Castillo seeks to change the Constitution to implement a communist state that would allow the nationalization of natural resources and the country’s main companies.

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