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Péter Heltai Joins El American

Péter Heltai - El American

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El American is happy to announce the incorporation of Péter Heltai into our growing team of columnists and collaborators. Péter is one of the brightest and youngest fresh voices of European conservatism and in particular his country, Hungary, which has become a country to watch for most conservatives in the U.S.

Péter is the strategic director of Axióma, a Conservative digital media startup that creates short videos and digital content on crucial themes that shape the public discourse but from a perspective mainly ignored by the liberal, progressive mainstream. 

He previously worked as strategic communication manager of the Mathias Corvinus Collegium, one of the most important educational institutes in Hungary, where he was editor-in-chief of the official journal, Corvinak.hu. Previously, he served as an ambassador for the Hungary Helps program, which offers help to persecuted Christians, and also worked in the cabinet of Katalin Novák, Minister of Family of Hungary.

Péter’s family has been known for their struggle in Hungary against the two great totalitarian systems of the 20th century: Nazism and communism—a struggle that at the time cost them imprisonment, torture, and death. In the struggle against 21st-century socialism and radical progressivism, Hungary’s resilience against old and new totalitarian systems has much to teach Latinos in the United States and throughout the Americas. Péter joins our team to this end.

Péter will write a weekly column about European politics and the new form of conservatism that sprang out of Central Europe and is now penetrating into the American conservative discourse. He will also collaborate in numerous future projects at El American.

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