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Gustavo Petro’s Rise to Power and its Dangerous Consequences – Sinceramente

Las consecuencias de que Gustavo Petro llegue al poder - Sinceramente

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On June 19, the second round of Colombia’s presidential elections will take place and the eyes of the world will be on that country due to the possibility of Gustavo Petro becoming president. Our editors-in-chief, Orlando Avendaño and Vanessa Vallejo, analyze the situation in Sinceramente.

Orlando Avendaño explained that there are similarities between Gustavo Petro and Hugo Chávez. He highlighted that Colombia is at the doorstep of the most important presidential election in recent times. “We must be watchful on #Colombia not only because of the possibility of electoral fraud, but also because of the manipulation in the press, social media, public opinion”, Avendaño assured.

Avendaño argued that this is a hemispheric cause. If Colombia falls into the hands of the extreme left, the consequence will be that the criminal sanctuary operating in Venezuela will expand to all of South America’s north.

Gustavo Petro’s threat

Vanessa Vallejo agreed with Avendaño, who warned about the serious allegations of possible electoral fraud. “It is very scary what could be happening in Colombia, in terms of electoral fraud. People must be alert”, commented Vallejo.

She added that “for the internationalist project of socialism it is very important to establish a region completely tinged with red (Communism). Uniting Colombia with Venezuela is fundamental for them.” She also regretted that it has not been possible to stop Petro’s candidacy and his growth in the polls.

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