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Colombia: ‘Petrovideos’ and Rodolfo Hernández’s Perils | Sinceramente


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In the most recent episode of the Sinceramente podcast, our co-editors-in-chief Vanessa Vallejo and Orlando Avendaño discussed the political climate in Colombia, where scandal surrounds the far-left presidential candidate, Gustavo Petro, while the center candidate, Rodolfo Hernandez, has received death threats.

Sources close to Petro’s campaign contacted the prestigious local magazine Semana to provide “hours and hours” of videos showing the socialist candidate’s advisors conspiring to discredit opponents.

On the other hand, candidate Rodolfo Hernández denounced that both he and his family received threats against their well-being while on a trip to the United States. The Colombian state, however, offered Hernández all security guarantees and he was able to return to the country.

Vallejo thinks that the situation in Colombia is “very worrying” and considers that the uncertainty is much greater given the advantage that polls are showing in favor of Petro’s candidacy over Hernandez’s one.

For his part, Avendaño considers that the situation is a “storm” that represents an “unprecedented risk in the contemporary history of Colombia”, and thinks that, given the circumstances and the threat that Petro represents to the stability and political future of the South American country, candidate Hernandez “looks like a miracle.”

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