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Podcaster Brad DeMint: Media Tells Young People How to Think

Podcaster Brad DeMint: «Los medios les dicen a los jóvenes cómo deben pensar»

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During the Student Action Summit 2021 (#SAS2021) hosted by Turning Point USA in Tampa, Florida, El American correspondent Anthony Cabassa spoke exclusively with Brad DeMint, a young man who hosts his own podcast about his interest in inspiring young people to “really love America” and find that “there’s so much opportunity in this country.”

Anthony Cabassa interviews Brad DeMint at #SAS2021 in Tampa, Florida.

DeMint recounted how he was motivated when talking to other young people, he realized he could help others discover their perspectives. “That’s what motivates me, it’s seeing success in other people,” he said.

Although his interest in politics began as a way to socialize and find like-minded people, he began to notice the importance of participating in the debate: “If we don’t change things locally […] it’s really hard to make a difference.”

The 21-year-old podcaster believes it is important to get involved in politics when you are still young, in order to capture the attention of more young people.

He states that one of the biggest personal conflicts we usually face is accepting other people’s opinions, so “you have to be okay with maybe making some people mad for saying what you believe in.”

“What a lot of people don’t realize is that, at a young age, the media just tells people just how they should think,” he said. “And if you are taught to really think for yourself, that is how you’re going to win.”

One experience in which DeMint found motivation was when the social media network TikTok censored one of his videos for expressing his opinion regarding vaccines. “They censor young people that love America and want to be free.”

As a young optimist, he says he rejects “negativity in politics” and sees events like SAS as helping to shine a light on the positive side. “There’s a lot of Americans here that love their country and love being around other people that love America.”

His message to young conservatives is not to be afraid of the left. “You can’t let other people’s opinions tear you down and stop you from chasing your dreams.” His message of proactivity is a call to action:

“Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, be afraid not to.”

This interview with Brad DeMint is part of a series of exclusive interviews that El American staff conducted at the event with several conservatives who have made it their goal to stand up for American freedom.

You can watch these and more interviews on our YouTube channel.

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