Polonia anuncia la expulsión de 45 diplomáticos rusos por actividades de espionaje

Poland Announces Expulsion of 45 Russian Diplomats for Espionage Activities

A government spokesman said that “the activities of Russian spies are becoming more and more intense” on Poland

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Spokesman to the Polish government Stanisław Żaryn announced Wednesday that the Foreign Ministry has summoned the Russian ambassador and said that 45 Russian diplomats will be expelled from Poland.

Żaryn informed at a press conference in Warsaw that the secret services have prepared a list of 45 people “from Russian diplomatic circles” that will be forwarded to the Foreign Ministry to proceed with their expulsion, on the grounds that they “work for the Russian intelligence service.”

The Russian ambassador in Warsaw, Sergey Andreiev, was also summoned by the Polish Foreign Ministry, said the government spokesman.

Polish authorities also reported on Wednesday the arrest in Warsaw of an employee of the Civil Registry of that city, accused of spying for Russia.

The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, “provided news and information that could harm the Republic of Poland,” according to an official statement, and will be remanded in custody for at least three months at the request of the prosecutor.

In an interview broadcast on Polish television Wednesday, government spokesman Michal Dworczyk said that “the activities of Russia’s spies are becoming more and more intense” on Polish territory, adding that “sometimes we do not realize how important for Intelligence is seemingly trivial information such as, for example, that recorded in local institutions.”

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“In the Registry Office, there is a lot of information about people who changed their names after acquiring Polish citizenship or residence cards. And spies can use this,” Dworczyk said.

Last March 1, the Russian ambassador to Poland referred to the “deterioration” of relations between the two countries and stated that “they have never been easy,” but after the “hysteria” that he said has been unleashed in Poland due to the invasion of Ukraine, they have “become even worse.”

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