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Police Reveal Details of ‘Good Samaritan’ who Killed Indiana Mall Attacker

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AUTHORITIES continue to investigate everything related to the shooting in a mall in Indiana. This Tuesday, they revealed details about how the man, described as “the good Samaritan,” who killed the attacker and prevented a greater tragedy, acted.

Police explained that it took Elisjsha Dicken only 15 seconds to stop the man who opened fire on shoppers in the mall. “The time lapse between the moment that Jonathan Sapirman exited the restroom and began shooting and when he was shot by the civilian was only fifteen seconds, not two minutes,” Greenwood Police Chief James Ison said in a statement reported by Fox News.

Indiana police gave details

It was also learned that Sapirman was shot eight times, meaning that Elisjsha Dicken missed only two of the shots fired. The police chief maintained that thanks to Dicken’s actions, the number of victims was prevented from being higher.

“Many more people would have died last night if not for a responsible armed citizen who took action within the first two minutes of this shooting,” said James Ison.

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On Monday, a man entered an Indiana mall shooting and killed three people. However, another armed citizen confronted him and prevented an even greater tragedy. The Greenwood police chief said at the time that “a good Samaritan” with a gun killed the attacker.