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Political Analyst Ricardo Israel Joins El American as Guest Writer

Analista político Ricardo Israel se une a El American como escritor invitado

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AS STATED BY the agreement between El American and the Interamerican Institute for Democracy (IID) for the defense of the values of freedom, the Editorial Board is pleased to welcome Ricardo Israel, a Chilean-born lawyer, academic, author, and former presidential candidate, who joins our team as a guest columnist.

A graduate in law and political science, Ricardo Israel has been of great relevance in the academy of his country, where he began as a student leader during his university days. Later, he directed the Institute of Political Science at the University of Chile and has taught at various prestigious educational institutions.

Throughout his career, Israel has gained experience in the media as a commentator, television host, and radio broadcaster. Israel has been involved in politics as an independent candidate for mayor of Santiago and the Presidency of the Republic.

Since 1984, Israel has authored several books on political and historical events in Chile and the region. He constantly participates as an analyst for various television media and as an opinion columnist in multiple international media in the United States and Latin America.

In collaboration with IID and with the important contribution of Ricardo Israel, El American continues on its journey in favor of the true interests of the Hispanic American community. Welcome aboard, Ricardo!

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