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Poll: Most Dems Want Fines or Imprisonment for Vaccine Skeptics

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A recent poll conducted by the Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports found that a majority of Democratic voters approve of harsh restrictive and punitive measures against those who oppose COVID-19 vaccines or make critical statements in the media and on social media.

Although vaccine mandates that President Biden sought to impose on large companies and federal agencies caused an extremely close split (48% for and 48% against), an overwhelming 78% of Democrats polled said they approve of mandatory vaccination.

Hysteria prevails among Democratic voters

On the other hand, despite an overall majority of potential voters (58%) being opposed, 55% of Democratic voters would favor the government (either federal or state) imposing fines against Americans who choose not to vaccinate against COVID-19.

The same goes for confinement measures against the unvaccinated. While 61% of respondents oppose it, 59% of Democrats think the state should “limit the spread” of COVID-19 by preventing the unvaccinated from leaving their homes except in emergencies.

In addition, 48% of Democrats also agree that the government should be able to fine or even jail Americans who question the efficacy of vaccines on social networks and digital or conventional media. In this case, 69% of respondents oppose such a measure.

Another curious fact contained in the survey is that 29 % of the Democrats polled would also be in favor of the state removing custody of children from parents who oppose the vaccine, although this is a measure rejected by 80 % of respondents.

The poll data also indicate division over Dr. Anthony Fauci, the use of vaccination passports and other measures to track the unvaccinated.

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