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Pope Francis Says Abortion is Murder but Criticizes American Bishops Who ‘Politicize’ It

El papa Francisco critica a los obispos que negaron la comunión a Biden pese a abogar por el aborto

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Pope Francis reiterated today that “abortion is murder,” but criticized that in the case of some U.S. bishops who have asked that Communion not be given to Catholic U.S. President Joe Biden because he is in favor of abortion.

“The problem is that it is murder, without half words; whoever performs an abortion, murders. Any book says that at 3 weeks it is scientifically a human life,” Francis settled the question of termination of pregnancy during the press conference on the flight back from his tour to Hungary and Slovakia.

Later, however, Francis clarified that “communion is not a prize for the perfect, communion is a gift, it is a gift”, and those who cannot take communion are those who “are not in the community.”

The American bishops voted a few months ago by a majority in favor of drafting a set of guidelines on how to deal with communion and politicians who support abortion, including Joe Biden.

“When the Church, by defending a principle, does not do it in a pastoral way, then it is a political fact (…). Pastors have to follow God’s style, which is closeness, compassion and tenderness,” Pope Francis said.

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