Papa Francisco: "No se puede vivir de subsidios"

Pope Francis: You Can’t Live on Subsidies

“The great goal is to provide diversified sources of work that allow everyone to build the future with effort and ingenuity,” said the pope

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Pope Francis said this Thursday that although he has always been in favor of subsidies for workers, “these can only be a temporary help.” The objective, he believes, is that there be work for all.

The pontiff made this consideration in a message to the 57th Colloquium of the Institute for the Entrepreneurial Development of Argentina (IDEA) and the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy of Argentina.

The pope began his address by wishing that this space for dialogue “be a moment of true exchange that can gather the innovative contribution of entrepreneurs and that of workers who fight for their dignity and for their families.”

“Several times I have referred to the noble vocation of the entrepreneur who seeks with creativity to produce wealth and diversify production, making possible at the same time the generation of jobs. Because I will not tire of referring to the dignity of work. What gives dignity is work. Those who do not have a job feel that something is missing, they lack the dignity that work itself gives, that anoints with dignity”, he added.

“Imagine if you can say that about a descendant of Piedmontese, who did not come to our country wanting to be supported but with an enormous desire to roll up their sleeves to build a future for their families. It is curious, the migrants did not put money in the bank, but bricks and land. The house came first. They looked ahead to the family. Family investment,” he said, citing his grandparents who emigrated to Argentina.

He then clarified that “subsidies can only be a temporary help. One cannot live on subsidies, because the main objective is to provide diversified sources of work that allow everyone to build the future with effort and ingenuity.”

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And to achieve this he added that “the dialogue between businessmen and workers is not only indispensable but also fruitful and promising.”

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