CEO de PragerU: Las Big Tech saben que la verdad no está de su lado, PragerU CEO: 'Big Tech Knows The Truth Is Not on Their Side'

PragerU CEO: ‘Big Tech Know The Truth Is Not on Their Side’

“If you try to create equal results as opposed to equal opportunity, you are not going to have the prosperity that America offers”

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In an interview with Anna Paulina Luna, PragerU’s CEO, Marissa Streit, talked about Big Tech’s attacks on freedom of speech, especially against those of conservative or libertarian persuasions.

Streit, the daughter of Israeli immigrants and a former intelligence officer, also commented on the work PragerU has been doing to defend American values. Her fight for freedom has expanded beyond the borders of the U.S., with members of the organization working in countries such as Venezuela and Eastern Europe.

Reflecting on the current state of the U.S., the PragerU CEO commented on how education has been infiltrated by Marxist ideas aimed at rewriting history and leaving young Americans unaware of their nation’s real past.

“When people are not learning where we came from we are basically a nation with amnesia.”

Marissa Streit.

“It’s an opportunity for people with marxist values to come in and teach basically teach lies,” Streit said. “They say, socialism can work, but in reality socialism doesn’t work,” she added.

Streit added that PragerU members in Venezuela are shocked by the drastic changes the U.S. is undergoing and that they believe these will lead America to a similar fate as the South American country. “All we want to do is flee to your country so that we can live in freedom and then you guys are changing things over there to become more like us, that’s ridiculous.”

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She explained these changes are occurring because Americans are unaware of the disasters of socialism.”If you try to create equal results as opposed to equal opportunity, you are not going to have the prosperity that America offers,” she said.

On the question of the Big Tech monopoly, the PragerU CEO said that their channel has been suspended from Tik Tok, despite the popularity of their content. They have also experienced censorship on Facebook and YouTube after publishing videos deemed as “sensitive” by company authorities.

As Streit sees it, Silicon Valley know that the truth is not on their side and the only way to solve that problem is to silence conservative voices.

The interview shows how PragerU has become one of the most important organizations that conservatism has in its ranks and the importance of continuing to challenge Big Tech companies on the question of political censorship.

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