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Pregnancy Clinic in Florida Vandalized with Threatening Graffiti

Vandalizan clínica de atención a embarazadas en Florida con pintadas y amenazas

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In Hialeah, a city neighboring Miami, police are investigating a possible hate crime against a pregnancy clinic. The perpetrators attacked the clinic by writing across the facade the phrase: “if abortions aren’t safe, neither are you”.

“Our rage will not stop,” another graffiti reads.

The vandalized clinic, Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic, operates with donations and serves mostly Latina women. Directors of the clinic stated that it will continue to operate despite the attempt to “scare” the staff and patients.

“We’ve been here for 15 years and we’re going to continue working,” said Martha Avila, President of Heartbeat of Miami — a pro-life organization behind the clinic.

The police warned the clinic that there could be trouble. Therefore, surveillance cameras were installed and because of these, it is known that the vandalism took place on the weekend of the Fourth of July Independence Day celebration. Since the clinic was closed for the holiday, the vandalism was not known until Tuesday.

The two criminals are also seen in the camera footage to be painting the anarchy sign.

Various media outlets have reported that it was the alleged work of the pro-abortion group “Jane’s Revenge,” which has been carrying out such attacks since news leaked in May about the decision of the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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