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AMLO’s Sham Recall, Explained – Fuerte y Claro

¿Qué pasó con la revocación de AMLO? - Fuerte y Claro

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After much drama, Mexico experienced its first ever recall election. What happened? Did Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador leave or stay in power? Was his recall sham successful, or did the people stay at home? What’s next for Mexico; and how does it impact the region? El American’s Gerardo Garibay Camarena analyzes this in another chapter of Fuerte y Claro (Strong and Clear).

Garibay Camarena reminded everyone that the concept of the recall was an innovation promoted by AMLO. In addition, he explained that, according to some reports, at least 10 factors of fraud and corruption were registered in the consultation that took place last Sunday.

“The Mexican public in general found the recall absolutely irrelevant (…) the mainstream opposition did not participate”, he assured. He added that in the best-case scenario for AMLO’s government, 14 million people would have participated. However, even with that figure, the recall would be far from being binding.

Likewise, Gerardo explained that more than a defeat for López Obrador, the failure has actually been for the President’s political team, which failed to mobilize the electorate for this recall. Finally, he emphasized that what was really important was discussed this Monday in Congress regarding a law on the electricity system.

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