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President Trump: “Our Efforts are to Give Americans Faith in Elections”

Trump said that his efforts -and those of his team- have as a goal to let Americans have confidence in these and future elections.

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“This is possibly the most important speech I’ve ever made,” said U.S. President Donald J. Trump during a 46-minute speech posted on his Facebook and Twitter accounts denouncing, once again, presidential election fraud.

In addition, President Trump mentioned that his efforts —and those of his legal team— are aimed at enabling Americans to have confidence in this and future elections.

Trump’s speech was developed into a narrative of an “update” on the “ongoing campaign efforts to expose the tremendous election fraud that took place during the ridiculous November 3rd elections.

According to president Trump, “a lot of bad things” happened during the election, criticizing mail in and absentee voting and arguing how harmful the massive implementation of them turned out, as it ended up developing into an election that has lasted several days and has led to a proliferation of mistrust in much of the country.

“We used to have what was called election day. Now we have days, weeks and months of elections, and a lot of bad things happened during this ridiculous period of time,” said President Trump.

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Part of President Trump’s statement

He also argued that if he was right about election fraud, Biden could not be president of the United States: “If we are right about fraud, Joe Biden, he cannot be president. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of votes. We’re talking about numbers like no one has ever seen before,” the president said.

The legal efforts of President Trump and his team of lawyers, so far, have not generated any major successes. The courts are rejecting their claims, and recently, Attorney General William Barr said the Justice Department has found no evidence of fraud so far that could reverse the election results.

The president’s campaign responded with a statement targeting the attorney general, a major ally of the Trump administration, as well as the Justice Department.

Still, all is not all lost for President Trump and his legal team. For example, the recount in Wisconsin, while not reversing the results in favor of Trump and to the detriment of Biden, the Trump campaign was able to detect some 220,000 questionable ballots from that recount. It remains to be seen whether these efforts can be productive in at least one of the several swing states the president needs.

An electoral system under assault, according to President Trump

The president was also forceful in his statement about the electoral system, asserting that he is willing to defend it while it is, in his opinion, “under assault and coordinated siege. “I am determined to protect our electoral system.

He added that the massive implementation of absentee voting is part of the fraud and that this is another way to undermine his victory of four years ago: “The mail and vote scam is the last part of their (Democrats’) four-year effort to overturn the results of the 2016 election. And it’s been like living in hell.

Of course, Twitter, following its editorial line regardingTrump’s tweets on election fraud charges, added a tag to the video of the president’s speech stating, “This claim of election fraud is disputed. For its part, Facebook’s comment states that “Joe Biden is the projected winner of the U.S. presidential election.

Trump did not want to end his speech without making it clear that his efforts, in addition to fighting for the presidency, are also to give Americans full confidence in this election process and those to come: “We will defend the honesty of the vote by making sure that every legal ballot is counted and that no illegal ballot is counted,” he said, emphasizing his commitment to ensuring that “Americans can have faith in this election and all future elections.

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