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Antifa Reportedly Vandalizes Portland Pregnancy Wellness Center

Manifestantes pro-aborto vandalizan centros de embarazo en Portland y Oregón tras filtrarse borrador de la Corte

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Pro-life activist Lila Rose reported Thursday night that pro-abortion protesters vandalized pregnancy centers in Portland, OR. The protests follow the release of a Supreme Court draft that would establish that it is up to the individual states throughout the United States to make a decision regarding abortion.

Rose explained on Twitter that the attackers would have been Antifa members. “In the pro-abort Antifa Man’s eyes, the only approved choice for a woman facing unexpected pregnancy is to kill her baby. Anything else, & they will rage,” the activist wrote.

Other protests after the Court’s draft was made public

Since the document became known, some people have protested in favor and against it. On the same day, pro-abortion groups arrived at the Court’s facilities to protest. While citizens who are not in favor of abortion have also defended the possible decision, on Wednesday hundreds of citizens lit candles and prayed in the vicinity of the Supreme Court.

This Friday, a 2-meter-high metal fence was installed by the police last night around the Supreme Court, following the protests that have been taking place for days in front of the building.

Police officers explained to EFE news agency that they do not expect the fence to have any effect in deterring further demonstrations. One officer confirmed that the group of people stationed at the gates has remained more or less the same since Wednesday, although more people tend to show up in the evenings.

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