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Producer Prices Rose 10% From a Year Ago

Precios al productor subieron un 10 % interanual en febrero

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The prices that producers pay for raw materials and other supplies rose 10% at a year-on-year rate last February, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Tuesday.

Thus, the Producer Price Index (PPI) experienced in the second month of the year a strong increase, above those experienced in the previous three months (all of them between 9.7 and 9.8 %).

Prices rose by 0.8% over the previous month, two-tenths of a percent below the 1% recorded in January.

Excluding food, energy, and commercial services—the most volatile items—year-on-year inflation stood at 6.6%, while month-on-month inflation (i.e., from January to February) was 0.2%.

Last week it became known that the Consumer Price Index (CPI, what the final consumer pays) soared in February to 7.9 % —four tenths above that of January—, which is the highest record of consumer prices in this country since the beginning of 1982.

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