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Progressive International Backs Petro’s Plan to Legitimize Cocaine

Progressive International Backs Petro's Plan to Legitimize Cocaine, EFE

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The Progressive International described as “historic” the speech given by Colombian Gustavo Petro before the United Nations General Assembly. The organization published it in full on its web page and promoted it on its Twitter account highlighting the phrase “What is more poisonous for human beings: cocaine, coal or oil?

On the contrary, he blamed global capitalism for the boom in drug trafficking, while exonerating the drug cartels of any responsibility.

The Progressive International organization is led by Democratic-socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. Does the US senator agree with Gustavo Petro’s statements?

Let us also remember that Petro is a member of the Board of Directors of Progressive International, so another question arises: does the PI identify with the legitimization of drug trafficking?

In response to the current Colombian president, former President Andrés Pastrana wrote on his Twitter account: “Shame! Petro declares himself at the UN as the great defender of cocaine. He disregards its effects on public health and despises the dead that, like the Supreme Court massacred by his M-19 for Pablo Escobar, leave the mafias with which today he pacts power.” The latter in reference to the fact that Petro belonged to the M-19 at the time of the assault on the Palace of Justice, in which the files of the drug lords were burned.

The coca growers’ leader and former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, did not miss the opportunity to support his ally Petro: “We congratulate the brother president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, for his speech at the UN to vindicate, defend and consolidate the dignity and sovereignty of the great homeland in the face of the arms interventionism of the United States. Latin America is undergoing a process of dignification and liberation,” Morales said.

For his part, the Spanish socialist deputy, Gerardo Pisarello, also a member of the Council of the Progressive International, described as “historic and brilliant” the speech of the first Colombian president, pointing out that what produced the climate disaster was “capital, the logic that a few gain more and more,” noting that why was it necessary to wage war against drug trafficking if it was necessary to save the human species.

As can be seen, this is an old stratagem of the Marxist terrorists, allied with the coca cartels, which consists of accusing their adversaries of the crimes they commit. And the more blatant and absurd the accusation, the better, since it causes scandal and confusion; thus changing the established paradigms and introducing new ones.

Barely seven weeks have passed since Petro assumed the presidency, and he has already revealed himself as the main defender of drug trafficking and guerrilla interests.

Nitu Pérez Osuna es una reconocida periodista venezolana en el exilio. Por muchos años fue una de las caras principales del canal de noticias más importante de su país, hasta que fue vendido a aliados de la dictadura chavista, por lo que fue despedida. Nitu Pérez Osuna es perseguida política de Nicolás Maduro y se ha dedicado a denunciar, no solo a la dictadura de su país, sino a los regímenes socialistas de todo el continente.

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