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Progressivism Cradle: Chicago Sees Crime Increase while Arrests and Police Investigations Decrease

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Arrests in Chicago have suffered a decrease while crime continues to increase. The Chicago Sun-Times newspaper published a report highlighting how citizens are dealing with the situation.

According to the report, the Chicago Police have made arrests in only 12% of the crimes reported during 2021. According to the report, this is the lowest level since 2001, the first year the data was made public.

The analysis details that police activity has decreased in all areas. The numbers of traffic stops, tickets, and investigative stops — in which pedestrians are patted down or searched by officers on the street — have plummeted. “The number of investigative stops dropped by more than half between 2019 and last year, falling from 155,000 citywide to 69,000,” Chicago Sun-Times explained.

The number of crimes in Chicago

Given the situation, citizens have decided not to report crimes because they are not solved. Police patrols, according to the media, have also stopped reporting irregularities they have encountered in their work.

“Rank-and-file police who patrol the streets and even top brass say officers are doing less. There also was a plunge in the number of arrests for so-called index crimes, which include homicide, sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated battery,” the newspaper reported.

It added: “But the number of arrests for possessing harder drugs, like heroin, also has fallen significantly. Those arrests peaked at 7,753 in 2001 but dropped last year to 929.”

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