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Progressives Hate Economic Growth. That’s Why They Manipulate Culture and Crush Opposition

El progresismo detesta la economía, por eso manipula la cultura y aplasta la disidencia . El American

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Mathematics is racist. Two plus two makes seven. Yes. Two plus two makes seven. Air conditioning is “microsexism.” Men can menstruate. Two plus two can also be nine, as for progressivism everything is relative. Gender is a social construct. Whites are oppressive domestic terrorists. There is no agreed-upon criterion for assigning a person’s sex at birth. Jesus Christ was homosexual. Two plus two can actually add up anything other than four, since four is white supremacist.

Nothing is as it seems the world is ruled by the designs of the corporate woke world and its media conglomerate. When Chesterton determined that “the day will come when it will be necessary to draw a sword to affirm that grass is green,” I am sure he meant it as a hyperbolic exaggeration, not as a prophecy that would later be fulfilled to the letter.

Even in the terrifying dystopian future that the British writer imagined, he surely did not see people in the most important media in the world saying things like “mathematics is racist” or that “it is impossible to determine the sex of a person at birth.” Much less could he have predicted that because of his skin color he perfectly fit the profile of a domestic terrorist. The world changed and we didn’t see that coming, or, better still, they changed our world and we did not want to put a fight; even now we are reacting after a long lethargy.

All of a sudden, the progressive thought shredder took over the mainstream media, the publishing industry, Hollywood, the universities, the great fields of influence, and its outlandish narrative began to spread generically and organically through the streets of the West.

A statement as stupid as the assertion that men menstruate or that classical music is an “accomplice” of white supremacism would get its intellectual author expelled from any moderately serious academic institution, but contrary to the common sense that rules the planet today, such views not only no longer cause concern about the lucidity of the speaker, but it grants him academic awards, television slots and job opportunities in a world that has lost the absolute understanding of reality and fiction.

Today, the role models for children are singers who record videos where their mission is to seduce the devil and then get fucked in hell, and shamelessly declare that the little ones of the house are their target audience, because clearly that is where the progressive thought shredder aims: those who don’t yet have (and cannot form) their own value judgment, those who can be violated and contaminated, those who in the future may become the deer that will praise the unreal doctrines decreed by modern progressivism.

Lil Nas X seducing the devil in his music video (Archive)

Relativism as a political weapon of progressivism

The denaturalization of the human being began with relativism. That’s the reason why they tell you gender is a social construction, because you can be a giraffe, a sheep, or also a cockroach, all depending on what the divine authority determines for you, and since you’re now are confused, dislocated and completely lost the sense of identity, why would you have to reveal yourself before the power? Why would you resist to be trampled as a cockroach if tacitly you could also be an insect or even a bacterium?

Progressivism no longer talks about economics or facts because those don’t matter that much for them anymore. It is, as they see it, beneficial that the political debate crosses the economic frontier and settles in the culture, as it is there that they can manipulate minds with their victimist stories and drag masses. In “culture”, they don’t need arguments or statistics, only idiotic and manipulable idols that repeat the sentences of their bosses and clap like seals to the sound of “woke” music.

Nothing is casual in the designs of the enlightened progressive world, what may seem to us daily crazy nonsense carries with it a well implemented agenda to crush common sense and turn human beings into a dumb, weak, confused flock, waiting for the party guidelines to jump like frogs, bawl like sheep or quack like ducks.

Progressivism hates the individual because they need masses they can mould into shape with their big ideological hammer. They hate economic freedom because it destroys their collectivist narrative that human beings would be lost without regulation by the bureaucrat of the day, and most obviously, they hate you for resisting their perfidious and corrupt world, full of colors, many genders, and “acceptance” on the surface, but completely toxic, oppressive, and apocalyptic underneath.

The question we must ask ourselves is, what am I doing to prevent them from filling my world with unreal aberrations, profanations, collectivist doctrines and authoritarian mandates? How long are we going to continue on our knees accepting the slogans emanating from the woke world?

Let us educate our children, let us raise our voices, let us not allow them to denaturalize reality or steal our identities, let us make them respect our individual freedoms; it is not about an ideological struggle, nor about political battles for power, it is about common sense, it is about not allowing the day to come when we will have to ask permission to dissent or just to breathe.

Emmanuel Rincón is a lawyer, writer, novelist and essayist. He has won several international literary awards. He is Editor-at-large at El American // Emmanuel Rincón es abogado, escritor, novelista y ensayista. Ganador de diversos premios literarios internacionales. Es editor-at-large en El American

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