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Ghislaine Maxwell Faces 30 Years in Jail for Recruiting Minors for Jeffrey Epstein

El polémico tweet de Bloomberg sobre Ghislaine Maxwell que desató indignación en redes sociales

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Prosecutors in Manhattan, New York, are seeking a sentence of at least 30 years in prison for Ghislaine Maxwell after she was convicted of helping financier Jeffrey Epstein recruit underage girls for sexual encounters.

Maxwell, 60, considered to be an associate and lover of the late Jeffrey Epstein, was convicted of sex trafficking of minors on December 29 and will be sentenced on June 28.

If the judge follows the prosecution’s recommendation, the British woman could spend much of the rest of her life in prison.

Maxwell was convicted of five of the six charges she faced, including sex trafficking, after a month-long trial in which witnesses testified that she helped Epstein recruit, groom, and abuse underage girls, the newspaper recalls.

Maxwell’s lawyers last week asked Judge Alison J. Nathan in writing to impose a sentence of less than the 20 years recommended by the court’s probation department.

The defense also suggested that the blame for Maxwell’s conduct rested with Epstein and his father, the late British media mogul Robert Maxwell, whom they said was a cruel and intimidating father.

However, the prosecution dismissed those claims, asserting that if anything stood out from Maxwell’s sentence, it was her inability to address her criminal conduct and her total lack of remorse.

Maxwell has been in custody since the summer of 2020 and faced a highly publicized trial last December, given the ties of many politicians and celebrities to Epstein.

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