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Protesters Vandalized Pro-Life Organization’s Headquarters in Wisconsin: ‘If Abortions Aren’t Safe, Then You Aren’t Either’

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Pro-abortion groups attacked the headquarters of a pro-life organization in Madison. The organization, Wisconsin Family Action, was set on fire Sunday morning during an act of vandalism involving a Molotov cocktail and graffiti.

Authorities said there were no members of the pro-life organization in the building and no injuries were reported. The police did not detail whether arrests had been made or if there was already information on anyone involved. However, they assured that investigations are ongoing.

The Police Department indicated that federal investigators have been briefed on this incident. “Early Sunday morning, our team began investigating a suspicious fire inside an office building on the city’s north side,” Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes said in a statement. They also wrote on the walls, “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.”

Pro-abortion group attacks

This is not the first attack on a pro-life group. Since last week, there have been protests in several cities for and against a leaked draft of a possible Supreme Court decision that would leave it up to each state to decide on abortion. For example, pro-abortion protesters vandalized pregnancy centers in Portland, Oregon on Thursday. Activist Lila Rose explained on Twitter that they were allegedly Antifa members.

And this weekend, various media outlets reported that Judge Samuel Alito was moved to a secure location following threats he has received over the draft. The Post Millenial detailed that, according to reports it has received, Chief Justice John Roberts would also be under threat, as well as Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

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