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New Protests in Cuba | El Cuban

Nuevas protestas en Cuba | El Cuban, EFE

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THE PROTESTS returned to Cuba. Last week, after the first anniversary of the uprising on the island, citizens once again expressed themselves against the Castro regime. Leading analysts decode, in El Cuban, the latest demonstrations on the island due to the energy crisis the country is suffering.

What is happening? Has Venezuela cut off oil to the Castros? Is Gustavo Petro the last hope of Castroism? Ana Olema, Liu Santiesteban, Julio Shiling, and Felix Llerena will give us the keys to understanding the protests against the longest-lived dictatorship in the hemisphere.

Julio Shiling explained that the Venezuelan economy is an extension of the Castro-communist economy. He asserted that the Cuban regime has a parasitic nature. He also spoke about the conditions that led Cubans to demonstrate against the communist regime.

Nuevas protestas en Cuba | El Cuban

“We are in the process of liberation. At the same time, it is true that from day one, the Cuban people have been in a heroic struggle to free themselves from Castro-communism. What we saw on July 11 was hundreds of citizens demanding what is rightfully theirs, and it is important to highlight that almost all of these people were born under captivity,” said Shilling.

Felix Llerena stressed that Cuba is experiencing a maturity of how Cuban society has become a citizenry demanding, especially among the youngest, freedom. “In Cuba, there is a generational rupture. There is a new generation that does not want to continue living the way their parents lived, or their grandparents died. Young people no longer believe the lies of the Castro system”.

Llerena said that what remains for the Castro regime is violence and repression. Julio Shiling agreed with Llerena, who commented that Cubans have also lost their fear of the regime’s actions.

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