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Public Services in Venezuela Have Increased 212.88 %

Servicios públicos en Venezuela han incrementado 212,88 %, EFE

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The Workers’ Documentation and Analysis Center (Cendas) stated that from September 2021 to September 2022, public services in Venezuela increased by 212.88 %.

In its most recent study, Cendas stated that a family of five needed three minimum monthly salaries last September to pay for essential services such as gas, electricity, sanitation, water, public transportation, telephone, and Internet, among others.

The Workers’ Documentation and Analysis Center detailed that the family group would have to save three monthly minimum salaries, located at 175 bolivares, to be able to pay these expenses.

Family food basket

The Cendas stated in recent days that Venezuelan workers can only cover 3.5% of the family food basket, which in September was $446.83 dollars.

He detailed that Venezuelans require the equivalent of 28.3 minimum wages to be able to cover the basic food basket, for about five people.

The agency explained that with the current minimum wage set by the government of Nicolás Maduro at 130 bolivares per month, the equivalent of 15.7 dollars on average during September, millions of workers, retirees, and pensioners can only cover 3.5% of the cost of the family food basket.

The average cost of the basic food basket for the month of September represents a decrease of 2.8% with respect to August when it was estimated at 459 dollars. However, this is not a significant decrease considering the purchasing power of Venezuelans.

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