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Puerto Rico: Bitstop Bets on Crypto by Implementing Bitcoin ATMs

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The manufacturer of Bitcoin ATMs, Bitstop, decided to install new devices for the purchase of the cryptocurrency in Puerto Rico, increasing its ATMs to nine across the island.

The last of them recently arrived in Carolina, at the Puma gas station, located in Marginal Los Angeles, as reported by the company through its Twitter account.

With the installation, it seeks to grow the culture of cryptocurrencies on the island, this being one of the main visions of the company.

In fact, since 2019, Bitstop’s main goal is to install Bitcoin vending machines throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, where they already have nine machines available to the public in locations such as Isla Verde, the Barbosa Gulf or the one already installed in Baldorioty, the lobby that welcomes every person who arrives on the island. All of them are located in different service stations.

But Bitstop isn’t the only company that offers the service of buying or selling crypto. There is also Athena Bitcoin, which has six other ATMs for the purchase of BTC and other currencies.

Bitcoin is growing faster than many industries today

Andrew Barnard, co-founder and CEO of the firm pointed out in the past that the more ATMs available in the world, the more people will be attracted to the cryptocurrency industry, which makes the growth of virtual money in current times a reality.

In Puerto Rico, more and more locals, companies and businesses are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment which contributes to encourage the tourism industry that has been affected so much in times of Covid-19.

It is estimated, according to Coin ATM Radar, that by March 2020, the date on which the World Health Organization (WHO) qualified the coronavirus as a pandemic, there were only 7,100 Bitcoin buying and selling machines in the world. Today there are more than 24,000 service cashiers globally.

Of that number, the United States has the vast majority with more than 20,000 ATMs (20,774, exactly), which represents 86.5% of the existing total.

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