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Putin Expels Over 150 Intelligence Agents for Failures in Ukraine Invasion

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Vladimir Putin has expelled at least 150 intelligence agents in retaliation for failures in operations during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The information was published exclusively by The Times.

The newspaper explained that all those dismissed were employees of the Fifth Service. The media detailed that it is a division created in 1998, when Putin was director of the FSB to carry out operations in the countries of the former Soviet Union with the aim of keeping them in Russia’s orbit.

The expulsions were reported after it became known that Ukrainian spies outwitted Putin: they charged millions of euros to overthrow Zelensky and actually leaked the information to Kyiv. The exclusive was reviewed by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, which revealed that Ukrainian intelligence officials were giving false information to Russian agents to keep their territory safe.

“Ukraine is winning several wars at the same time. The first, the military one, with tangible results around Kyiv. The second, the narrative one, with global majority support and with Russia’s lies and excuses exposed. The third, the economic one,” El Mundo reported.

Putin and international pressure

This happens at a time when Russia is facing several situations, not only because of the economic pressure, but also because of the diplomatic pressure it is receiving from the international community. For instance, the United Nations condemned last Thursday, at the Human Rights Council, the abuses committed by Russia during the invasion of Ukrainian territory.

An article in El American explained that the UN countries suspended Russia’s participation in the Council, an almost unprecedented measure with which the United States and its allies intend to further isolate Moscow in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

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