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Putin Confirms Russia Has Intercontinental Hypersonic Missiles

Putin: Rusia tiene misiles hipersónicos intercontinentales

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The Russian military already has intercontinental hypersonic missiles in service, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday.

“Our hypersonic missiles fly at speeds above Mach 20. And they are not only hypersonic, but also intercontinental. This is a very powerful weapon. And they are already in service in Russia,” the Russian leader said during his speech at the “Russian Energy Week” forum.

The president noted that this type of missiles is also being developed in other countries.

“It is not strange at all, all militaries with high technological development will soon have such systems,” he asserted.

He noted that despite Russia being the first country to create these missiles, even “ahead of the main competitors, in this case the United States,” Russia has not abused this power and has not threatened anyone.

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“Moreover, we are ready to talk about arms reduction, and starting from the interest of our American partners, take into account the fact that we have such systems,” he said.

The president called not to stir up tensions, to stop “talking for the sake of it” and “sit down at the dialogue table to start a detailed conversation on the matter.”

He noted that the current U.S. administration “has taken this path”, recalling the agreements reached with his counterpart Joe Biden, during the Geneva summit.

“Unfortunately, the arms race has already begun. It started after the United States pulled out of the missile defense agreement,” he said.

Putin recalled that in 2003 he called on the United States not to abandon this agreement, which he called “fundamental” and a “cornerstone of international security.”

“This is not a simple defense, but an attempt to gain strategic advantages by weakening the nuclear potential of the possible opponent,” he explained.

According to the Russian president, there are only two ways to respond to such an initiative: “either to create an equal system, which costs large amounts of money and it is not known how effective it will be, or to create another type of missile that evades defense systems.”

“And I said we would do that,” he concluded.