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Putin Pays Thousands of Dollars to Syrian Mercenaries to Fight in Ukraine

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Syrian mercenaries earn at least $6,000 to fight with the Russians in the invasion of Ukraine. This was revealed on Wednesday in a report by London’s BBC. The media interviewed a Syrian soldier who volunteered to fight against the Ukrainians.

Despite working for the Russian forces, the man assured that Russia is carrying out a massacre in Ukraine, but at the same time, he said that, in his opinion, Vladimir Putin helps Syrian citizens who are poor.

He stressed that because of this, he offered to work for the Russian regime. He also told that his family opposed his decision and explained that he was promised a compensation of $43,000 if he is killed in the conflict. Further, the soldier also pointed out that he knows more than 200 people who joined the Russian forces under these terms.

Recruitment of Syrians

BBC detailed in the report that, according to Russian authorities, some 16,000 recruits from the Middle East have signed up to fight with their forces in Ukraine. It also added that social networks in Syria have been flooded with requests from people to join Russian troops in exchange for up to $7,000.

Earlier this month, it had already been reported that the Syrian army had begun recruiting troops from its ranks to fight alongside Russian military forces in the territory. According to the Russian regime, this would be 16,000 Syrians. According to The Guardian, they promised payments of $3,000 a month, a sum of up to 50 times the monthly salary of a Syrian soldier.

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