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Russian Threats Bring Finland Closer to NATO

The Russian president intended with his threats of war to dissuade Finland from joining NATO, but has achieved the opposite

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Finland is not willing to give in to Vladimir Putin’s threats of war; as Finnish lawmakers now discuss the possibility of joining NATO.

Putin, who invaded Ukraine because he considered it a threat for that country to join NATO, will now have to deal with the possibility of Finland going in the same direction.

Finnish lawmakers will meet this Tuesday, February 29, to discuss Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the possibility of Finland gaining NATO membership.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin told reporters that there is a good chance that “many Finns have changed their minds after Russia started waging war against Ukraine.”

The Finns are assessing “what is the line that Russia has crossed and what is the line that Russia will not cross… And if Russia crosses any line, we will confront it alone or together with others,” Marin said.

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Finland has the longest border with Russia in Europe at more than 1,300 kilometers, but it is not part of the military alliance and although it is a close NATO ally, there has been little interest in joining the organization so far.

A poll conducted by Finnish broadcasting company Yle found that 53% of Finns support their country joining NATO. This figure rises to 66% if Sweden were to do so as well.

The discussion in Parliament comes after a citizens’ initiative collected 50,000 signatures to hold a referendum on whether Finland should join NATO.

Finland sends arms in support of Ukraine and ignores Putin’s threats

This Monday, February 28, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that those who supply lethal weapons to Ukraine will take responsibility.

Despite Vladimir Putin’s threats, Finland took the step to support the Ukrainian Army with war materiel. “Finland unconditionally supports Ukraine’s independence and sovereignty and will offer weapons and the aid will be delivered promptly. This decision will not jeopardize national defense,” Marin said.

Sweden analyzes joining NATO

Just as Finland is analyzing the possibility of being part of NATO against Putin’s wishes, Sweden would also have the decision on the radar.

“I want to be very clear. It is Sweden that chooses alone and independently its security line,” Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson assured a press conference yesterday, Friday, in response to Putin’s threats.

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