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Radical Dems Line Up to Blast SCOTUS: ‘Single Greatest Existential Threat to Our Planet’

Radical Democrats lined up at a rally to expand the Supreme Court on Monday. Let’s just say the left-wing extremism was on full display. Watch:

“They will come for our right to love who we love,’ Rep. Watson Coleman claimed. “They will come for marriage equality. They may not come for interracial marriage for the obvious reason. But we know that Clarence Thomas is chomping at the bit to get at our rights.”

“The current court is a threat not just to our country and not just our democracy but to our planet, because last month, climate change, which is the single greatest existential threat to our planet, the Court crippled the administration’s ability to mitigate, to address, to think forwardly and to remediate,” she argued.

“You know, these far-right extremists on the court, they made these decisions to act against the will of the human race, not to mention the American people,” she went on. “And while the Court’s growing legitimacy crisis is visible now more than ever, the conservative legal movement was eroding our rights long before Dobbs.”

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman wasn’t the only radical Democrat to undermine the legitimacy of the SCOTUS decision. Rep. Rashida Tlaib  also weighed  in.

“We must continue to protect our democracy that is reflective of the majority of the American people, and right now, six unhinged, unelected Supreme Court justice is literally telling women they have no control over their bodies,” Tlaib argued. “They’re telling communities like mine they don’t have a right to breathe clean air. That profits come before them and their public health and their lives.”

“And so, again, it is so important that we move with urgency,” she continued. “My residents, I know many of our residents, they don’t have another day, another year, another term, another election to wait for transformative change. This is our time, we are in control, let’s act like it.”

One activist, Lauren Maunus, the Sunrise Movement’s advocacy director, called for packing the Supreme Court and got a round of applause.

“During the hottest summer on record, while floods, wildfires, and droughts ravage our communities, the Supreme Court’s six corporate–backed justices sided with coal companies over our communities to make it significantly harder for the EPA to do its job of limiting toxic emissions and stopping the climate crisis,” she claimed without basis. “I’m here because I know that we need and deserve a strong Democratic government that protects the safety and needs of its people, not of corporate executives.”

“And that my vision for this government is not unrealistic nor impossible,” she went onb. “In fact, it’s simply necessary for our survival. My generation will not sit back and watch our Democratic leadership share platitudes and dodge responsibility while the white supremacist GOP destroys our democracy. “

“Democrats are at a crossroads,” she went on. “They can continue their current path of protecting the status quo and we can keep watching the GOP strip away our fundamental rights, or they can step up and fight, expand the court and do everything in their power to protect us. And I know my generation is not going to stop fighting until we live to see that day.”

It is important to note that Democrats simply cannot handle when the Supreme Court enforces the rule of law to reign in their unconstitutional power-grabs or bureaucratic overreach. These are the same radicals who screamed about ‘insurrection’ for over a year, but now, they are displaying the most vitriolic and unhinged rhetoric imaginable.

The Democratic Party is not only destructive, but it’s filled with unstable loons. Americans should take note and vote accordingly.

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