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Rasmussen Poll Finds 75 Percent of Americans Support Voter ID Laws

An overwhelming majority support the introduction of such laws, according to new polling data

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Rasmussen Reports figures show that a majority of Americans overwhelmingly support laws that would require voter ID to be able to vote.

Those in favor of such laws agree on the need to require voters to present photo identification, such as a driver’s license, before exercising their right to vote. Only 21% of Americans oppose this measure.

The figure has been increasing since 2018 when 67 % said they favored showing an ID before voting.

Within the political preferences, we can see that 89 % of Republicans support these same requirements for voters. On their side, 60 % of Democrats and 77 % of voters not affiliated with either major party support voter IDs.

Voter ID - Rasmussen - El American
Minories massively support voter ID laws, according to Rasmussen Reports. (Flickr)

This reveals that there is an overwhelming consensus to strengthen the ID system within the country’s election laws.

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Despite a majority among Democrats, 31% believe that such laws discriminate against African-American voters and other minorities, while 60% believe the opposite. Only 10% were unsure.

While there is majority support among Democrats for voter ID laws, 51% of Democrats believe they do discriminate against minorities, while an overwhelming 79% of Republicans think the opposite. Sixty-seven percent of voters not affiliated with either party say requiring ID at the polls is not discriminatory.

Despite democrat criticism, voters don’t consider that new voter ID laws are discriminatory. (Flickr)

For most whites (74 %) voter ID requirements are necessary, but blacks (69 %) and other minorities (82 %) agree that voters should be required to identify themselves before exercising their right to vote. It is younger voters (-40 years old) who overwhelmingly support these laws.

Voters who strongly approve of the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration are the most likely to say that voter ID laws are discriminatory, according to the survey.

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