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Reactions to Dave Chappelle’s Attack During Los Angeles Show

Las reacciones al ataque que sufrió Dave Chappelle durante show en Los Ángeles

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Dave Chappelle, one of today’s most renowned and controversial comedians, was attacked during his most recent stand-up performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Videos shared on social media show that Chappelle was tackled from behind by a man while performing the comedy show “Netflix Is A Joke.” The comedian was knocked to the ground, but security acted quickly, managing to restrain the assailant and preventing the attack from escalating. In the end, Chappelle was not injured and was able to finish his show.

Los Angeles Police spokeswoman Lizeth Lomeli told CNN that the attacker was identified as Isaiah Lee, 23, who was charged with committing felony assault with a deadly weapon. According to Lomeli, Lee was carrying a knife that resembled a firearm.

Lomeli said police are still investigating the motives for the attack. The suspect was taken to the hospital in an ambulance after the attack due to minor injuries.

Chappelle, who with his comedy has targeted the woke culture, progressive politics and sometimes the privileges granted to the trans community in the name of “inclusion,” knew how to handle the situation calmly and with great poise. Far from despairing or panicking over the attack, the comedian cracked several jokes about his attacker. In fact, after getting up, he said ironically that the attacker “was a trans man.”

Subsequently, Chris Rock, the comedian who was slapped by Will Smith during the Oscars presentation, jumped on stage next to Chappelle and again joked about the attacker: “Was that Will Smith?”

Rock was attending the “Netflix Is A Joke” festival with Chappelle.

In addition to Chris Rock’s on-stage prank, many Twitter users, and even comedians, recalled the Will Smith incident at the Oscars. Some, like comedian Tim Young, even blamed the actor for the attack Chappelle received in Los Angeles.

“We can all thank Will Smith for setting the example that led to Dave Chappelle getting assaulted on stage last night,” Young tweeted.

Another comedian, Tony Baker, charged the assailant, saying that all he accomplished was to show how the rest of the misfits who try to attack other comedians will look: beaten and injured.

“Some dude tackled Dave Chappelle on stage and that dude got stomped out forthwith. They took his arm off and put it back on backwards. That’s what he get. This attacking people on stage aint gon fly.”

Another user warned comedian-bashers to stop “attacking people at their workplace and you won’t end up looking like a pretzel.”

In general, Twitter users reacted in unison against the attacker and mocked him after images circulated showing him beaten and taken to the hospital. Hundreds of users remarked on how Chappelle’s security acted and also how the comedian continued with his comedy show without any major problems.

Dave Chappelle poses in the press room with the Grammy for Best Comedy Album during the 60th annual Grammy Awards ceremony at Madison Square Garden in New York, Jan. 28, 2018. (EFE)

After the attack there were also political analyses around Dave Chappelle and the socio-cultural phenomenon he has become thanks to his style of comedy that differs radically from progressive ideas and woke culture.

For example, Brendan O’Neill, Spiked’s chief political writer, wrote in The Spectator that “Chappelle is one of the cleverest and most daring comedians in these strangely stifling times.”

“He pokes at identity politics, the culture wars, the trans agenda. And this has made him a devil figure in the eyes of the cancel-culture mob. They long for his metaphorical scalp,” O’Neill lashed out in defense to the comedian of the moment.

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