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Rebecca Grace: ‘Lexit is a Growing Latino Movement’

Lexit Movement is an organization for Latinos who decided to switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party

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Rebecca Grace, better known as Becky Lexit, is a conservative Latina. But she has also become an artist who is the voice of millions of Latinos who believe in the ideas of freedom. She is part of the “Lexit Movement”, an organization for Latinos who decided to switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

Becky spoke with Anna Paulina Luna, Chief Correspondent of El American, about the challenges of conservatives and the Republican Party not only in national politics but also in the conquest of the entertainment space. She also discussed the border crisis.

Interview with Becky Lexit

The singer also explained how she was discovered in 2020 and the creator of Lexit proposed that she join the team, even though she didn’t think she would accept because she was too committed to the ministry of her church. However, she accepted because she wanted to be the voice of many people like her. She said that this Latino movement is getting bigger and bigger and has a greater presence throughout the country.

In that sense, she expressed that what she has found most has been the lack of knowledge of people in many areas of society. For this reason, she insisted on the need for the Republicans to show that they are there to accompany the citizens.

She pointed out that more and more people are needed so other citizens can feel identified to them and stressed that Democrats use sentiment to reach out to voters.

Lexit and the Republican Party’s challenge

Similarly, Becky indicated that the Democratic Party insists on sentiment and telling people what they want to hear, even if they don’t follow through. She pointed out that this is the reason why they often get more Latino votes. She also mentioned that they use entertainment platforms to achieve this.

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Finally, she referred to Kamala Harris’ visit to the border. Like many citizens who went to receive the Vice President at the border, she considers that saying “bad Harris is the same as saying Kamala Harris”.

She added that there is no real intention to address the immigration crisis, on the contrary, what they were looking for was to make a show out of the border crisis. “I have many supporters who are Border Patrol officers and see firsthand what is happening. You, El American, are covering it and you can see the real price of what is happening.”

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