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What Caused the Canadian Rebellion Against Trudeau’s Health Tyranny

People want their freedom first and foremost, to work in peace and without the state meddling in their lives or telling them how to raise their children or take care of their health

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With the emergence of the coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan and later, as a consequence of the negligence or intentional cover-up of Xi Jinping’s communist tyranny by the World Health Organization, this outbreak turned into a pandemic.

As sanitary measures were applied as supposed prescriptions to prevent the spread of the disease and keep the population safe, the respective governments took advantage to apply — even illegally — a set of measures that in the end, only meant a severe limitation of citizens’ freedoms.

Rebellion against Trudeau’s mandate

One of those governments that took the most advantage of the context of the Chinese virus has been the government of the progressive Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, who based on the “National Emergency Act” of 2020 (a legislative measure dating back to 1985 and which is of an exceptional and temporary nature in case of an attack on the security and territory of Canada) allowed Trudeau to impose a true health tyranny leveraged on executive mandates.

Trudeau’s supposedly sanitary policies translated into a strenuous effort by his government to develop a new social order in Canada—an order under severe control with measures such as border closures, school closures, GPS tracking of citizens’ movements, restrictions on the opening of businesses and restaurants, which in crude terms meant the bankruptcy of at least 200 thousand small and medium-sized businesses throughout Canada. Not to mention the lockdowns in some cities of the country, with very high fines for those who break such measures.

But Trudeau did not stop there, he went one step further in his policy of population control in Canada, with the imposition of the so-called “health pass” or “green pass” mandatory for industries regulated by the federal government. The health pass was the final point that raised the hackles of the truckers, the truckers who opposed the measure and decided to march on Ottawa. The Trudeau government’s response was totally contemptuous and indifferent to the demands of the citizenry, calling the protesters a “fringe group.”

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The “fringe group” ended up being more than 50,000 truckers who have been blockading the capital city of Ottawa for more than two days, constituting a historic and beautifully peaceful demonstration, unprecedented in Canada’s recent history. In addition, the truckers were joined by massive public support, as well as personalities such as former President Donald Trump, businessman Elon Musk and the prestigious Canadian academic Jordan Peterson.

The forcefulness of the protest, made health tyrant Justin Trudeau, as a good leftist, go into hiding. At the same time, the major Canadian media networks did not give coverage to what was happening.

The defeated Trudeau, announced that he and his children suffer from COVID-19 and had already been transferred to a secret place for security reasons, after 48 hours of silence in the middle of the truckers’ demonstration, the Prime Minister appeared announcing that he will be in isolation, which is why he will remain without a public agenda.

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