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Yet Another Biden Record? This Is How Many Migrants Attempted to Enter US Illegally in FY22

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The border crisis continues to worsen. This Tuesday it was learned that a record number of illegal migrants were apprehended at the southern border of the United States.

“Record numbers of migrants are being arrested while crossing the southern U.S. border with Mexico, a sustained surge of single men and families from across Latin America either seeking asylum or work, according to new figures Monday from U.S. Customs and Border Protection,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

According to the media outlet’s estimates, “Border Patrol agents have made about 1.82 million arrests at the southern border so far in the government’s fiscal year, which runs from October to the end of September. The number beats the record set last fiscal year, which was 1.66 million apprehensions in the year ending September 2021.”

The administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been facing a border crisis since the beginning of their administration. Several politicians have criticized that no measures or decisions have been taken to stop the migratory flow.

According to the International Organization for Migration, the migration crisis in America caused 1,238 people to die in 2021, including 51 children under the age of five and 728 migrants who attempted to cross from Mexico to the United States, the border with the most deaths worldwide.

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