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Red Bottom Republicans, a Blog About Shoes, Politics, and Liberty

Red Bottom Republicans, a Blog About Shoes, Politics, and Liberty

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During the Student Action Summit 2021 (#SAS2021) organized by Turning Point USA in Tampa, Florida, El American’s Chief Correspondent Anna Paulina Luna spoke exclusively with Dania Vizzi and Brittany Jean, conservative influencers who run a “shoes and freedom” blog called Red Bottom Republicans.

Anna Paulina Luna interviews the women of Red Bottom Republicans at SAS 2021 in Tampa, Florida.

Vizzi and Jean, who are “obsessed with shoes and politics,” met at a Fourth of July celebration and, after discovering a good friendship and a common vision, had the idea to create something “fun” in the realm of popular culture, but that would serve to “educate people on the political environment.” Thus, Red Bottom Republicans was born.

Their purpose is to combine something that “brings women together” as they debate and share their political ideas. “We both love red bottoms and politics, and we wanted something where we could talk about fashion, make-up, something that could bring women together and then they could hear our political views as well, so maybe bring people to our side,” Dania explained.

Both consider the participation of young people in politics, especially women, to be important. “Growing up, you always knew about politics, but it was never something that was such a focus on everybody’s lives,” said Jean. “Today, you can’t turn on any station [radio or TV] without hearing something about politics. It’s something everyone wants to know about.”

Dania and Brittany are young women who hope to attract more people to the conservative side of politics. This conversation is part of a series of exclusive interviews that El American staff conducted at the event with several conservatives who have made it their goal to stand up for American liberty.

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