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Rep. Mike Garcia’s Proposal to Tackle Inflation

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Rep. Mike García (R-CA) released several recommendations on Wednesday to address inflation. One of the main ones is that Joe Biden’s administration should cut government spending. “Democrats spend taxpayer dollars on needless programs and drive inflation higher,” he wrote in an op-ed on Fox Business.

“Under the Biden administration’s failed policies, Americans are suffering more now than they have in over a generation. Inflation is sky-high, people are paying what feels like a full paycheck just to fill up a gas tank, and families are having to cut items from their grocery list.”

García argued that what Americans are experiencing was not what Biden promised during the election campaign. “This is not the pretty picture Biden and his campaign painted for us in 2020 when he said he would be the great unifier as our next president, and less than two short years later, under this president’s lackluster leadership, we live in an economy that’s far from pretty.”

Mike García against inflation in Congress

García noted that he has pushed for measures to address the economic crisis from Congress. However, he commented that the Democrats do not allow him to work in favor of improving the economy of the American people. “Congress has a responsibility to stop the Biden administration’s inflationary policy disasters. Yet, the Democrat majority kowtows to the administration as they continue to turn up the dial on American families by increasing spending.”

“I introduced the Inflation Prevention Act to the U.S. House of Representatives to put a limit on give Congress additional tools to fight inflation. Members of the far left are literally creating more dollars to spend on needless federal programs in an effort to buy votes, and it’s time to reel in their irresponsible spending,” Garcia argued.

“Real solutions to curb this inflationary period do exist, and it’s time we start adopting them. I urge my Democrat colleagues to join my fight to curb inflation and work for, not against, the American people,” he concluded.

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